Mum slapped with £378 court bill as children ‘ruling the roost’ at home dodge school

A mum has been handed a £378 court bill after two children with “no respect” for their parents failed to attend school regularly.

The two children, who attend Ormiston Sir Stanley Matthews Academy in Blurton, Stoke-on-Trent, missed a combined 149 days of school.

One of the children missed 116 days in total, while the other had 33 unauthorised absences.

Stephanie Jones of Dorcas Drive, Blurton, admitted to being a parent of the two children who missed a substantial amount of school and have been described by their father as “ruling the roost” at home.

The 33-year-old appeared at North Staffordshire Justice Centre for offences that related to a three-month period earlier this year.

The court heard how Stoke-on-Trent City Council had previously offered support to the family.

One of the children was said to have “made a little bit of improvement” in their school attendance, but had still been arriving at school “very late” on occasions, Stoke on Trent Live reported.

Prosecutor Michaela Hill also told the court that the parents had been advised to seek medical support for the second child.

Speaking about the child, Hill said: “She said she felt sick every time she goes to school and it was suggested that she be taken to the GP for medical assistance or mental health support.”

However, the child’s dad believed that she couldn’t be suffering from mental health problems and described how he had “no authority” over his children.

The prosecutor added: “The girl’s father felt that she could not have mental health issues due to her age and he said his children chose to stay at home.

“He described the children as ruling the roost and had no authority over the children, who had no respect for him as a parent.”

Jones was handed a £120 fine by magistrates for her children’s absences and was also ordered to pay £210 in costs and a £48 victim surcharge.