Hairdresser shares crucial step we miss before conditioner that ruins the product

When it comes to washing hair, many will have their own routines and way of doing things – some people go one or two days between washes, while others can go up to a week, relying on dry shampoo to get them through.

But it seems there’s a big mistake many of us have been making when cleaning our locks in the shower or bath – and it’s all to do with a crucial step we miss out before applying conditioner.

Thankfully hairdresser Ricky Walters, who owns SALON64 in London, has shared his top tips to ensure your hair remains as healthy as possible.

Ricky, who often works with famous faces such as Nicola Roberts and Laura Whitmore, claims you shouldn’t just rinse off your shampoo and immediately reach straight for the conditioner.

According to the expert, conditioner shouldn’t be applied straight onto soaking wet hair, as it’s a waste of the product, leaving you with nothing more than a ‘watery residue’.

Instead you need to take a few minutes time to towel dry your hair before using conditioner.

Ricky explains: “There’s nothing worse than splashing out on top quality conditioner to then apply to soaking wet hair straight after washing.

“The high end, thicker, luxury conditioners on the market should be applied to towel dried hair.

“Long hair can hold a huge amount of water which then dilutes your lovely conditioner, leaving you with nothing but a watery residue.”

He recommends shampooing your hair twice and once you’ve rinsed this out, towel dry your hair for two minutes.

After this you can apply your conditioner to your hair, making sure not to put it on the roots as this can cause it to become “lank, heavy and greasy” after washing.

“Only use conditioner through the lengths and ends of your hair for best results and long lasting glam,” he adds.

Leave the conditioner on for a further two minutes before rinsing it out and then you’re good to go.

And if you’re wondering what sort of conditioner is best to use on stubborn and dry hair, Ricky recommends opting for one that is thick and creamy to add maximum moisture to your ends, like SALON64’s very own Viva La Moisture range, but you can opt for any haircare brand of your preference.